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Plantation shutters save energy in winter and in summers. They slow the loss of heat through the glass in winter. Keep shutter window coverings open on sunny days to let the sun’s warmth in and close them at night to insulate against cold, outside temperatures. In summer energy savings result in keeping hot air out reducing air conditioning bills

Heat lost through windows and doors represents a significant chunk of most heating bills. Some sources estimate that loss through windows alone could account for up to 35 percent of heating bills. If you are tired of watching your hard earned money slip through the cracks, there are things that you can do to fully realizing further energy savings from windows:

Check around windows and doors with a candle or a light piece of thread on a windy day to determine where drafts are. This will reveal problem areas in need of immediate attention.

Remove and replace damaged caulk and weather-stripping. Self-stick foam and rolled rubber weather-stripping are easy to install, and can contribute greatly to your home's efficiency.

An inexpensive method of weatherizing windows involves attaching thin, clear plastic film to the window trim inside of the house using two-sided tape. The film is then stretched taut using heat from a blow dryer to remove wrinkles and creases.

Decorate your windows with efficiency - closed shutters, window shades, blinds, curtains and lined draperies. All contribute to energy savings by helping to insulate windows.

For a long-range solution, consider installing efficient replacement windows, or storm windows and doors.

Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) members have made a commitment to manufacture and promote energy-efficient windows. This site provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use.

Energy Bill Analysis From Colorado and you have to fill out a form to use this tool.

Energy Savings For Windows – Great window energy saving brochure from the government of Australia. - useful tips and advice on how to improve energy efficiencies allowing you to save you a fair amount of money on utility bills.

Guide To Energy Savings For Windows

Home Energy Magazine Online – Windows – Wonderful recommended resource.

Window Treatments For Energy Savings - Thorough energy savings window treatment course for a thorough understanding.

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